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The Shepherds Flat North facility, owned by North Hurlburt Wind, LLC, contains 106 wind turbine generators, with a generating capacity of up to 265 megawatts (MW). The facility is sited in Gilliam County, Oregon, south of Interstate 84 between State Highways 19 and 74. Rhea Lane marks the southern site boundary.

The site comprises over 9,000 acres and in addition to the wind turbines, houses a dedicated substation and operations and maintenance facility. The land is leased from private landowners.

The project utilizes General Electric 2.5 MW series turbines and was constructed by Blattner Energy, Inc. Construction commenced in Mid-2010 and the project was completed in 2012.

All of the power generated by the facility is sold to Southern California Edison under a 20-year power purchase agreement.

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